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Duane Betts Releases Debut CD EP ‘Sketches Of American Music’

Duane Betts Releases Debut CD EP ‘Sketches Of American Music’

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Sketches Of American Music Tracklist

  1. Taking Time
  2. Downtown Runaround
  3. When We Get Home
  4. California Blues
  5. Think I’m Doing Well
  6. Ride It Out

Betts collaborated on Sketches Of American Music with Steve Cropper, Marc Ford and Stoll Vaughan. Recording sessions were held in Nashville and Los Angeles. A video for the EP’s lead track “Taking Time” premiered via Relix. Duane explained the song to the outlet, stating:
I wrote with my friend, Stoll Vaughan. I spent most of my life in two places, Florida and California. Both are home and both have been staples in my growth spiritually and musically. This song is that trip from Florida to Cali when you need a change. The video was shot at Stoll’s space in Los Angeles and directed by Austin Lynch.
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